Why to apply the principle of moderation?

diet plan

By :- Ms. Renu Puri & Ms. Vanshika Saigal

Eating healthy or changing the lifestyle is not very easy to begin with. A lot of people dread the fact that they will have to change everything in their lifestyle from cooking oil to obviously, what they are eating. This sudden shift in the age-old habits might be a reason why people even loath/dread starting a diet plan in the first place.

Habits don’t get formed overnight. After following the same routine over a course of, say three weeks, the actions start becoming habit(it also depends on our motivation to perform that task). In order to get the desired weight, we need to work on making the healthy lifestyle, a habit.

Diet Plan

Can you think of any other conduct or any other inclination, that has such a profound, or more permanent influence on our lives, like our eating? What we start as, maybe, just an outing or variety in meals, gradually becomes a habit. Guess who stays with us forever in the journey of our life?  Our body! and eating has the kind of effect on our body that no other habit that I can think of.

So let’s focus on taking one step at a time, towards keeping the body healthy. In order to achieve that state, we need to start from the scratch. Even if there is someone who wants to reduce weight but doesn’t want to change his/her lifestyle, cooking pattern, cooking oil and/or eating pattern, there is a tool for such people as well to follow. That tool is- moderation.

Moderation- “the secret to weight loss”. A lot of people find it hard to follow a diet plan or eat boiled vegetables, so the one thing that can help such people to weight loss is moderation. Moderation doesn’t mean skipping meals; it just means moderating the quantity of food one is taking.

But the important part is to do it without sending any distress signal to the body. That is to prevent the body from getting into a ‘defense’ mode

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