Why Green Leafy Vegetables matter so much in Rainy Season?

During Rainy season the body feels “tamsic”(inert) and lacks verve to carry out our daily routine and our digestive capabilities are compromised.
So it becomes essential to provide it with extra nutritional support in the form of a wholesome diet.


Green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of nutrition for the body and must be consumed daily.

However, in this season we need to be careful and eat them in such a way that it is not counterproductive and ends up harming our body.

The most nutritional part of these green vegetables is its fiber.
There are two types of fibers: soluble and insoluble fiber in the vegetables. Vegetables like smooth gourd have soluble fiber which is easier to digest but vegetables like turnip have insoluble fiber.
Thus the body will require more energy to absorb and digest it.

This can sometimes lead to flatulence and other stomach related ailments. So it is essential that all such kinds of vegetables be eaten in the afternoon itself so that the body has plenty of time to slowly digest it.

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