The Role of Will-Power in Weight Management

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You are all set to embark on the journey to lose weight. Healthy foods have been ordered online…Right kind of fruit is now home. However, you landed up getting Pizza & gobbling it! 

Now you are feeling so mortified 

The surge of guilt about operating in contradiction of one’s resolve is quite over-powering!

It’d be a gross understatement to declare ‘will power’ as the only decisive factor for losing weight. There’s much more to this process than just that; it’s a cumulative effect of the culmination of assorted elements; some, like cuisine preferences, daily routine, location, availability of types of food, state of health, and eating habits. 

Additionally, a person’s day-to-day timetable also plays a vital role in addressing one’s weight issues; the more hectic the schedule is, the more challenged one feels to lose weight.

Let’s try to crack this multifaceted scenario:


Available Food Options

Today, even if we want, it is very arduous to find healthy choices in the market when it is flooded with unwholesome provisions. The easy accessibility of quick-fix savory or sweet items, all around, is so prevalent that it requires special skills to dodge them. 


Local Choices

The staple food, local to the region, is usually the best choice, as that will be the superfood that has been grown locally and is best suited for the climate of that place. 

However, today, due to massive internet exposure, people are running towards all kinds of ingredients that, they think, will help them reduce weight, totally forgetting their own native ones. Usually, there’s no logical data to prove that the so-called “ingredient” will provide the same benefits as it does in the place it is grown in.


Eating, turning into food addiction

People today have become food addicts. Any wrong food habit is counted as an addiction where it is not easy to distinguish when the food turns from eating into indulgence. The process of overcoming this addiction to unhealthy, addictive food is a very complicated one, which requires professional help at every step. Even afterward, to maintain healthy habits, professional counselors help must be sought out.


Promotions influencing the food choices

There is a whole mechanism at work, operating overtime to create these food addictions.

Due to various factors like easy availability, affordability, time crunch, seeking variety every day, etc. it is easy to sway opinions in favor of a far-off or not-so-beneficial food item/s that promises a quick fix.

The advertisements that promote food, billboards, campaigns, social media today is full of ideas that encourage food through which companies are giving out a subtle signal that somehow, eating that food will make us happy. 

These companies, however, fail to mention that in order to make these things delicious, they add a number of chemicals and other ingredients that may be harmful or even addictive in nature.


Role of Stress

The stress being an integral part of today’s lifestyle, adds to the challenge of the calm pursuit of healthy living. People seek comfort in indulgent types of food; those mouthwatering dishes, when consumed, trigger happy hubs of the brain.

Slowly, this makes an individual a slave to mindless eating, which is not nutritious at all but highly harmful and addictive.

In times of stress, the body goes into crisis mode, which in turn prompts the system to store fat rather than burn it; hence, other tools need to be applied to alleviate stress.


Genetic makeup

No two individuals have the same genetic makeup, and hence, no two people will lose weight similarly, even while doing the same things. 


Role of Hormones

To a large extent, the endocrine configuration of the body governs the pace of weight loss or gain. Deficiency or excess of a specific hormone or Vitamin or element can significantly impact the weight issues. Hence, it is only a professional that can suggest appropriate actions to lose weight, keeping all these factors in mind.



Some individual scenarios:

  • Each individual is different, e.g., the circadian rhythm will be totally different for a call center employee in comparison to an average person. This will be the most critical factor which will determine the techniques to lose weight effectively for that person. 
  • A frequent traveler will find it extremely difficult to maintain set patterns, especially that of healthy eating habits. This is not due to a lack of will power but due to his erratic schedule. This is where a professional can design a program that is in sync with those particular travels; both in terms of food items as well as the timings
  • Each individual has a unique pattern of gaining or losing weight; For one, it could be a linear graph or a step pattern for others, where there’s a drop & plateau in the weight shift. When a person reaches a plateau in weight loss, the weight gets stuck, and the person gets frustrated. S/he can’t fathom why, even while doing the same things, one is unable to lose weight. Various such scenarios can only be analyzed and treated successfully by a professional, thereby guiding the person in the right direction.

It’s of paramount importance to have self-belief and to not judge oneself harshly. One should not hesitate to seek professional aid as one would for any other weaknesses.

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