The Power Of Sharing The Ideas


All of us, with the rarest of rare exceptional beings, are work-in-progress!

Every individual, on the face of this mother earth is striving to reach his/her ideal self. Each one of us is trying to reach our full potential. In the process of attaining our goal, we try so many approaches, so as to find, that one best idea, that will do wonders for us. When we apply this trial and error system, ever so often, we stumble upon an idea that excites us, for the obvious reason of great manifestations. The idea can be related to anything – our work-front, personal life or even our health.



When we keep on nurturing the idea, or we start building up on it, the idea becomes our habit. When something becomes a habit, there’s a grand economy on the part of our efforts in doing that again and again.

When we plan to start exercising, we tend to spend some time selecting a perfect form of exercise for us (it can be yoga, swimming or maybe, gymming). After finding that perfect form, we start investing our time and energy in that. If earlier we could do yoga for 30 minutes then after few months we will, not only be able to extend that time frame, but may also find yoga buddies to take this activity to the next level. The body will automatically start responding positively, like we will get less tired, getting up everyday for yoga will become a habit and our stamina will also increase along with our flexibility and strength.

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It takes a lot of time to figure something that works best for us. Making something your habit still takes more time. Here’s a tip to make this an easier process – Lets say, an idea that works for us then we pass that idea on. Maybe it can work for someone else as well. The more we propagate that idea, the more idea gets an idea ‘Hmm she likes me’. Thereafter universe will start bringing similar ideas into our consciousness – or ideas with similar manifestations. Just the way, when we are window-shopping on internet, even after exiting the site the similar products keep popping up whatever we may be doing on the internet. I think internet has copied this from human psychology.


When we share such ideas, as related to health and fitness, we tend to create awareness around ourselves. A lot of times we also tend to make people around us more conscious about health. Being surrounded by people who are conscious about health will only motivate us even more. So, in a way, we are not only helping others but also helping ourselves by making our environment conducive for healthy practices.

Supposing I find that taking two small breakfasts works best for me, I should share this trick with others as well.
If one gets in touch will a dietician and feels that the diet plans given by the dietician works perfectly for them then instead of keeping that information to oneself, one should share it. Instead of not telling or purposefully hiding the precautions and/or measures, that we have been taking towards healthy lifestyle, we should spread the idea.


Just like computer’s way of reminding us of the things that had been on our mind, sometime back & thus bringing that idea back to our conscious mind – in this same way by spreading the health related routines(that have worked for us), we are creating a space where such ideas will keep on popping up. Since we are creating a free space where people will be motivated to share such ideas, our thoughts will be provoked to either follow them, improvise them or think of something on those lines only.
If we will be surrounded by such people who are aware and conscious about health and are also open to discussions related to it, then such people will act like a catalyst in achieving our goal. They will act as a reminder for us to stay healthy. Such people can also help us to boost our morale if we feel like giving up on our target. Having health conscious people in our lives will automatically motivate us

Staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle is an art that we all are trying to learn, so let’s help each other in this journey of fitness.

Let’s promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment.
Let’s share our ideas (health tips).
Let’s promote health.

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