How the pandemic is highlighting the role of the Dietitian?

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It is hard to ignore the role of dieticians these days. Their work can be tracked down to medical practices during ancient Greece. At that time, the importance of diet and nutrition was noted to be an important part of a healthy life,as per the Hippocratic method. Nowadays, dieticians are playing a major role across the entire healthcare systems of developed and modern countries. They are pretty instrumental in preventive medical care, along with treatment of diseases and also in noteworthy recovery after that.

Now, with the pandemic scenario all around, the role of dieticians has been increasing with every passing day. They are always called for administrating the healthy diet plans to help people improve the health quotient of their bodies and also, not to gain weight, as a result of a stagnant lifestyle. The focus lays on healthy eating habits and making some sustainable and smart improvements to support the person’s immune system and overall health through the food intake.

Fighting right against the pandemic:
Getting that right kind of nutrition during this pandemic is a major necessity. The main focus lies towards the critical care dieticians, who are working hard to plan, monitor and even implement some proper nutritional regimes for ill and seriously sick patients.

• Right now, the dieticians are playing significant roles in the field of a multi-disciplinary team working for COVID patients. They are associated with quarantine sessions in hospitals more these days.
• But, other than that, it is mandatory to highlight the importance of preventive practices at this stage as well. Under-fed and even the over-fed people are at high risk to catch COVID virus. So, preventive measures are not just an option,rather a necessity.
• Lucky enough, there are multiple dietician services available, which can easily pivot to the technical platforms like online consultation and tele-health. So, even after maintaining the much needed social distancing, these dieticians are doing their jobs perfectly, without taking a day off!

Encouraging cooking with little ones in the family:
Every dietician is encouraging to maintain that healthy routine during a pandemic. Not only for keeping your weight under control, but a healthy diet plan will always help to build that immunity you need so much during this pandemic scenario. Some of them will encourage you to try healthy cooking with little kids around. It is a great way to keep them busy during this boring time. On the other hand, as kids are getting completely immersed in this cooking process, they will not make a fuss and will eat the healthy option at the end of their hard work.

Whether you are having a bowl of cereal as breakfast or a big fat lunch, you and your kids gathered around the table, at the same time to eat; It gives rise to the process of slow eating, which will make you feel full without consuming much.

Cooking together will help you to try out some new dishes when the regulars are not available. Such experimentation is a great win among children these days.

There is no need for fad diets anymore:
Nowadays, people are not that interested in dieting. Instead, they are going for sustainable eating patterns, which are likely to enrich their present health condition. According to Google Trends, “weight loss diet” term search has fallen drastically in the months of March and April. It shows how people are trying to maintain their health nowadays.

• People have few questions associated with fad dieting these days. Right now, their main concern is to focus on the survival, protection and well-being, with the pandemic right on them.
• So, their eating habits are turning out to be way more practical and less ‘diet’ centric. They are focusing on constructing an ideal body during this pandemic without heading for the zero-sized figure.
• Right now, dieticians state that the clients are focusing more on evidence-based information. They are not into fad health advice much these days. This is a great way to develop that positive relationship between people and food.
• Those days are long gone when you had to follow some nutrition fads without knowing much about it. Many clients these days are embracing food and not being restrictive towards it.
• Most people are also interested in homemade baking, which is taking up some boring time and adding good food in the plate.

Some dieticians are now working with clients to remove that guilt associated with food. Guilt cannot go hand in hand with the well-being and health of an individual. If you can follow some healthy food options, then you can possibly end up eating well and enjoy your content on a plate, at the same time.

Now, it is time to eat for your immunity:
Now, it is all about eating for your immunity. The eating habits have changed completely with the main focus lying towards overall health. Some dieticians are primarily focusing on that food chart, which will help their clients to develop one robust immunity system. They ask their clients to not consume any food without any nutritional purpose. So, no need to invest time and money on potato chips, cakes, sweets and refined carbohydrates.

There is also a necessity to achieve balance in meals. It should include vegetables, fruits, grains and healthy protein and fat. Make sure to plan and then shop wisely for better healthy options and structure meals through the entire day for stabilizing blood glucose level. Apart from all these options, you should not forget to exercise on time, limit the inclusion of alcoholic beverages in your life, sleep well and also stay hydrated all the time.
Expert dieticians are now just a call away!

Remember that reputed dieticians are not taking a single day off. Even if they don’t come to their chambers more often like before, they are still available online and within your hand’s reach. So, if you think you need their help and advice on your current diet plan, don’t forget to catch up with the main head or the entire team instantly!

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