Pregnancy Diet, General Dietary Guidelines and Sample Diet Plan

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Giving birth to a child is considered as holy and divine. The entire journey from conception to the delivery of the child is one of the most exciting and memorable times in a women’s life. But for this joyful venture, a certain amount of due care is required by the pregnant lady and as well as her family.  Otherwise, pregnancy can become complex which can be dangerous too. Women who are pregnant should take full care of their physical as well as mental health. It is a stressful phase and accordingly, there shall be an increase in the nutrition intake.

Making healthy food choices every single day will adequately cater to the needs of the baby in the womb.

Factors that need to be considered during pregnancy

During the pregnancy of a woman, the body goes through a lot of physiological, emotional, and physical changes. These changes take place as per the demands of the growing foetus.

  1. There is shortness of breath. Nausea, vomit in the initial days of pregnancy.
  1. High calcium intake is required for the bones and development of the baby. Failing which the pregnant lady and as well as the child can face bone diseases.
  1. Subsequently, iron is very curial for the diet of a pregnant lady. In some cases, doctors prescribe iron supplements to increase red blood cells in the body. Otherwise, complications like poor maternal health, low-weight babies, high risk of maternal mortality mostly due to blood loss can occur.
  1. Weight gain is normal for a pregnant lady. A minimum gain of 11kgs is considered as healthy. Some complications might occur due to underweight or overweight during the time of delivery. There is a need for a periodic check of weight.
  1. Excess of vitamin A can cause birth defects like malformation of heart, head, etc.
  1. Nausea and vomiting are some of the common problems that occur during pregnancy.
  1. Excess amount of exercise too can hamper the health of the mother as well as the baby. 


Body nutrients requirements during pregnancy

A pregnant woman should take extra calories and other specific nutrients so, that she could fulfill the requirement of the growing fetus. The diet she takes should be made according to her BMI, age, health, etc.

The mother should take care of what she’s eating and how much she’s eating. Too much of eating can lead to weight gain and on contrary if no proper diet is followed at the time of pregnancy it can lead to malformation of the baby and cause severe diseases.

Some of important nutrients and their sources:

IronGreen leafy vegetables, whole grains, cereals, dry fruits, nuts, meat, jaggary
CalciumMilk, milk products, sesame seeds, almonds, soy milk, egg
VitaminsGreen leafy vegetables, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk products, soy
ProteinsPaneer, milk and other milk products, seeds, nuts, egg, meat, soybeans
FatsButter, ghee, oils, nuts

A routine that can be followed at the time of pregnancy

  1. A pregnant woman should have a balanced diet.
  2. Drink 2L of water and fiber helps in avoiding constipation.
  3. A minimum amount of exercise is important.
  4. Small meals at frequent intervals of time.
  5.  Keep a check on her weight.
  6. Easily digestible food is preferred more
  7. Foods that help avoid morning sickness.

Ideal diet plan

RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances)

Energy – 2580                                                                         Protien-78g

Important nutrient –    Iron, calcium, vitamin A

  Broken wheat
 Fruits (seasonal)E.g.: mango
LunchChapattiWheat flour
 Spinach Channa dalChanna dal
 Mix vegetablesBeans
Evening snacksSuji cheelaSemolina 
DinnerEgg curryEggs
 Vegetable riceRice
  Cumin seeds
 Sweet vermicelliVermicelli
Post dinner (optional)_A glass of milk