Converting Fat in to Muscle??

Converting Fat in to Muscle?? Is it Possible!? Have you ever heard that you can convert fat into muscle?Many advertisements, gyms, exercise programs claim that!But can you convert fat into muscle??Let’s find it out!Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue, and one cannot be converted directly into the other. Just how, you cannot… Read More »Converting Fat in to Muscle??

PCOD: Health challenge & associated issues

Polycystic ovarian disease, generally known as PCOD, is a hormonal disorder that affects women in their reproductive age. Normally Ovaries make a little number of male hormones. But when Ovaries start making slightly more amount of androgens than normal, this leads to an imbalance and cause PCOD; women to stop ovulating which directly leads to… Read More »PCOD: Health challenge & associated issues

When & Why Consult A Dietitian?

Across the world, life expectancy rates are going are higher. By 2035, the United Nations predicts one out of every five people in the world will be older than 60. However, physical and digestive health is on the decline. Despite countless studies confirming that what we eat affects our long-term health, hardly anyone is interested… Read More »When & Why Consult A Dietitian?

When to Refer Patients to Dietitians?

Dietetic teams can help healthcare professionals achieve positive results much quicker. Often, patients are identified as malnourished but not recommended to dietitians. Patients who have to stay in hospitals and nursing homes are given dietetic care as well; thus, heal faster. Similarly, patients who don’t stay in hospitals can benefit a lot from following therapeutic… Read More »When to Refer Patients to Dietitians?

Why I’m an Anti-Diet Dietitian – And What That Means

People are constantly bombarded with information about nutrition, diets, healthy eating habits, etc. Naturally, most of these messages, no matter how well-intentioned they may be, fail to connect with people on an emotional level. That’s because a lot of reliable information about nutrition is often masked with pseudoscience. Plus, people don’t like being talked down… Read More »Why I’m an Anti-Diet Dietitian – And What That Means

Why Healthy People Should Team Up with Nutritionists

The internet is full of contradicting information about health and nutrition. Consequently, most people fail to find what food habits are the best for them. They end up following dietary trends or fads instead of focusing on eating food items that are genuinely good for their bodies. This constant chopping and changing of dietary habits… Read More »Why Healthy People Should Team Up with Nutritionists

How the pandemic is highlighting the role of the Dietitian?

It is hard to ignore the role of dieticians these days. Their work can be tracked down to medical practices during ancient Greece. At that time, the importance of diet and nutrition was noted to be an important part of a healthy life,as per the Hippocratic method. Nowadays, dieticians are playing a major role across… Read More »How the pandemic is highlighting the role of the Dietitian?

Indian Diet plan for type 2 diabetes

WHAT IS TYPE 2 DIABETES?In times of tough competition in every walk of life, people have started allocating more time to their work by reducing time spent on health. Thus, diabetes has become very common in today’s time. There are many types of diabetes amongst them is type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the… Read More »Indian Diet plan for type 2 diabetes

How To Avoid Gaining Weight During LOCKDOWN?

Due to this unwanted and unwelcoming COVID atmosphere, people are literally locked inside their houses, like birds in cages. With no physical activity whatsoever, they are gaining a whopping among of weight by leading that stagnant life. This appears to be quite true for those active working individuals, who had to move out of their… Read More »How To Avoid Gaining Weight During LOCKDOWN?

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