PCOD: Health challenge & associated issues

Polycystic ovarian disease, generally known as PCOD, is a hormonal disorder that affects women in their reproductive age. Normally Ovaries make a little number of male hormones. But when Ovaries start making slightly more amount of androgens than normal, this leads to an imbalance and cause PCOD;

  1. women to stop ovulating which directly leads to Irregular menstruation. Other common symptoms can be :
  2. women get extra hair on their body and face
  3. it can cause acne. 
  4. PCOD can easily cause obesity and make weight loss a difficult task. 
  5. The most serious issue is the inability to conceive – here’s the biggest challenge in this scenario – more often than not, one comes to know about this health issue when the decision to conceive doesn’t fructify  

What to do-

Women having issues like PCOD or PCOS may also have insulin resistance; hence taking all the dietary considerations a diabetic patient should, can be beneficial- that means that increased insulin levels need to be pre-empted and addressed.
Keeping an eye on weight gain & keeping the insulin levels optimum is the key to managing this health challenge
Opt for foods that are rich in fibre and low in carbs.

Which Foods to eat:

  1. Natural low glycemic index foods like whole wheat, wheat flour,
  2. Legumes, pulses & beans
  3. High fibre vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts etc
  4. Green leafy vegetables: spinach, Kale
  5. Lean protein, like Fish, chicken, Tofu
  6. Bell peppers
  7. Berries
  8. Sweet potato
  9. Nuts like Almonds, Walnuts

Which Foods to avoid:

  1. White flour preparations: pastries, muffins, pasta of refined flours like semolina, durum wheat; sugary desserts
  2. Sugar to be avoided as much as possible. look for hidden sugar like high fructose, corn syrup
  3. Fruit juices, sodas, fizzy drinks
  4. Baked goods, in general, are full of fat & refined carbohydrates; restrict their intake to the minimum possible

How to counter it-

Stress is also a big contributor to this issue – thus a woman who is looking quite lean & healthy may also be having PCOD
You don’t have to worry, just making the required lifestyle changes and following a healthy diet helps.
We, at Karisma Diet Centre, identify the body type and plan one’s diet according to the individual’s need.
With our weight loss diet plans, one also decreases the danger of this kind of health conditions.

Click Here to watch youTube video on PCOD by Renu Puri