Maintaining Optimum Weight – a Skill or a Temporary goal?

optimum weight

By :- Ms. Renu Puri & Ms. Vanshika Saigal

A lot of misconceptions go around in people’s mind regarding diet programs and what dieting is. People are of the opinion that all the diet programs are nothing but ‘a sham’. They feel that the results are temporary and it is not for the long run.
Let’s see how to turn that around!

The approach that we have towards our ongoing diet program will determine the results that we get out of it, and the time period for which the results will last. We should consider that we are learning a skill (through the diet program) and this is not just a temporary process that we are choosing to adopt.


So here are some tips that you can follow-

Be Mindful of The Process

Diet Plan

Whenever you are taking a diet program it is important to be aware about what all processes and the shifts in diet-patterns that you are undergoing. If you want to learn a skill, then it is important for you to take an active role in the process rather than being a passive follower. Being mindful would comprise of yours being conscious, as to why you are eating something, and not eating something, why you are having a specific number of meals in a day and so on and so forth. If you are well aware of all the nuances, then in all probabilities you will be able to follow all this, even when you are not under anyone’s guidance.

Let me give you an example to simplify this recommendation. Say, you have a very good golf coach and he is teaching you all the golf on the course. He is telling you how to align yourself and what kind of grip is needed, what is the correct ball position, before you make the shot; for any swing, whether it’s a drive or a 3 Wood or even a putting shot. The chances are the result would be great and you’d come home thinking that you had a great round of Golf!

But, here, the important question is, can you do that same action when the coach is not with you?

When the coach is not observing you & adjusting you – you are there all by yourself – with your own keen awareness; and then if you can replicate what the coach taught you: then that will be the difference between learning a skill and achieving a temporary milestone- that’s exactly where the difference lies: in ‘keen awareness’.

It is important to start, with taking the advice from the experts and then captivating that information completely to get the same results, on your own.

Participate Actively

Your diet counsellor and you should be a team in this journey of bringing about healthy lifestyle. If you participate actively then your approach towards the program, expectations, take towards change etc., will surely change. There is a difference between just listening and listening keenly; understanding and getting involved in the process actively.
Suppose a social event comes up and your dietician makes a special diet plan for you. So rather than just following blindly what is written on a sheet of paper, you should also get involved in the process; like letting her know the available options and partake actively, in the entire progression.

Set Your Own Goals

It is proven by psychologist that the goals set by others are not that motivating as compared to the goals set by ourselves. It is important to get involved when the goals are being set. Goals set by ourselves are very deriving and motivating.

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Focus On The Bigger Picture

Don’t focus too much on just that one number; ‘weight in grams’. Focus on the bigger picture.
There are times when the clients tell me, “this time there were a lot of deviations that happened. But still, somehow, I managed to lose weight”
Or one may say, “this time I followed everything to the T. But still my efforts didn’t reflect on the weighing scale”.

The results, in more cases than not, is not instant. Whether you lose weight or not, is not just dependent on what all you have eaten for the past 4-5 days. Our body mechanism is very complex; how our body responds to certain food items, body’s metabolic rate, body’s food storage, food assimilation etc., all of it put together, affects the progression of weight loss. So over simplifying this procedure; relating the only foods recently eaten to the weighing scale number, can be misguiding.

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Maintenance Program

Karisma Diet Centre emphases on this aspect of diet program as well. ‘Maintenance Program’ that comprises of few weeks, at the end of your diet program, makes one aware of all the factors that are important in learning the skill to the T.

If by any chance, even before reaching your target weight, you think of discontinuing the diet program, it is important to still undergo Maintenance Program.

Be Your Own Dietician

One should take this diet program as an education tool or rather a specialization, that one in undertaking for healthy-lifestyle-for-one’s-own-self.

Instead of taking it as a mere tool of losing weight, one should think of it as a platform for learning a new skill.

Effort needs to be made on the shift that is happening in the lifestyle; it should sooner or later become a permanent thing.

Be your own dietician. Start ascertaining the locus of control. The dieticians are there to guide you; but make use of that guidance in learning something new. Enjoy the process and learn to learn and unlearn things.

Stay healthy, stay happy

Choose health; choose Karisma Diet Centre

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