Learning to lose weight while the life is happening


By :- Ms. Renu Puri & Ms. Vanshika Saigal

We all want a perfect body, achieve desirable weight and be healthy. Now a days, health has become the priority of everyone. Everyone has become very conscious about eating healthy. But since we humans don’t live our life in isolation, some or the other event keeps on happening around us. These events sometimes overpower our determination and desire to stay fit. Sometimes we are following our diet plan and some marriage or, maybe, a vacation comes up and we tend to think of discontinuing the diet plan for the time being. The idea of not continuing the diet stems for our thinking that it would be impossible to follow the diet. Our mindset is such that for us, the idea of diet and vacations don’t go hand in hand. We tend to wait for an event to end so as to resume our healthy lifestyle.


But is this the right approach? Should we think of healthy eating as a temporary goal or a lifestyle?
Life is never static. If we want to inculcate good habits/ healthy lifestyle, we should learn to do so as the life is progressing. Skills can’t be learnt in seclusion, especially if they are linked with our lifestyle. One should never wait for an event to pass through to resume the journey of being healthy.


Even if we want to relish the food when we are going out, we can do that without ignoring the health aspect. The best way to do that would be changing your expectation. So if we are out for, say a week, our expectation should not be to lose weight. Our expectation should change with the prevailing situation. So in this scenario, rather than weight loss, the aim should be not to gain weight. The expectations should be realistic. When we are living a healthy lifestyle, our goals(expectations) should be modifiable as per the situation. Rather than having bigger chunks of unhealthy food, one can just think of having small portions of everything. We can also think of making better choices while eating out like opting for a Salad over something fried. When we are out for an event, we should try and set specific, clear and realistic goals for ourselves. Setting such goals will motivate us to strive to achieve such goals even if the obstacles are limitless.

Instead of doing away with the diet, we can think of ways in which we can incorporate health aspect even when we are on a vacation. One such way could be to be well prepared for the event. Being well prepared includes being extra conscious about whatever you are eating (before the event), taking a preparatory diet plan and following it wholeheartedly. It also includes going back to the original goal(of losing weight) once the event is over. We can also balance the diet in such a way so as to minimise deviations, like if we are having a heavy breakfast and lunch, we can have something light in the dinner.

One should also be aware about the “deviations” that one is indulging in, by sharing it with your dietician. Being aware about the effects “deviations” will only bring us closer to the goal. The knowledge of it gives us the power over such hurdles. This knowledge should be put to right use.

Staying healthy should be our lifestyle and not a temporary goal. Our goal should not be to stay fit just for a particular event/occasion. Our goal should be to master this skill of being active and healthy while the life is going on. Our life is never going to be static and we can’t waste time by waiting for the right moment. Rather than waiting for the right moment, we should change our perspective towards health as something that is of dire importance and not a temporary requirement.


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