Is Dieting A Myth?

If there’s one term that has been entirely over-used and, often, wrongly understood; it’s ‘DIETING.’

‘Dieting’ is a very generic term that ideally should not mean inclusion or exclusion of a particular food group; rather it should be a process to calibrate the right amount of each & every food group assimilated in the least favorable preparation 

When we talk about our lifestyle in terms of health, both the diet and the level of physical activities play an equal role; grip over one facet cannot be efficient without the other. 


Elderly holding a grudge against ‘dieting’; Fair or unfair?

Whenever one mentions the word “dieting,” an elderly person’s instant retort is to say absolutely ‘no’ to it; they would rather, one increase their activity levels than go in for any dieting. 

We honestly cannot fault their antiphon as self-planned dieting may lead to numerous unpleasant manifestations in the body; in terms of the lost glow of skin, less physical stamina or even mental tiredness may be a direct consequence of dieting.

Dieting, if it wasn’t required in earlier times, why now!

Earlier, apart from regular domestic meals, even the festive and marriage spreads were prepared primarily at home; nowadays, easy availability of alternatives makes everyone go for a hassle-free meal. Even on day to day basis, one always goes for an instant, easy to prepare meals. Apart from being quick, these meals also satiate our taste buds and are more comfort foods rather than nutritious foods. 

With this, people are moving farther and farther away from original simple, nutritious basic food ingredients, and the threshold of people’s palate is undergoing a significant shift towards food that is although soft, tasty and comforting, yet lacks nourishment.

 A simple example is a way the wheat is treated these days vis-à-vis the earlier times when it was coarsely ground in flour mills.

Who needs to diet?

The young generation today has been brought up in way more indulgence over the years. There’s a general deficiency of the motivation to go for the tough long path, and they pursue instant solutions. For them, the easy way of life has become an entitlement.


  • Over some time, one’s tendencies convert into habits, working in a default mode. So to get them out of that mode and to make major corrections to erroneous habits, requires the expertise of a professional. A diet counselor will not only diagnose the incorrect food habits but can skillfully steer the person towards the correct path.
  • Some health issues are primarily lifestyle challenges, like, Diabetes, Kidney related issues, etc. People who may be diabetic or even pre-diabetic can gain majorly with the correct guidance about the dietary changes required
  • There may be particular sports or another activity related to nutritional guidance required
  • Certain phases of life like pregnancy, lactating or even menopausal stage also calls for expert advice on daily meals’ planning
  • Young parents can benefit from professional guidance to feed their children for optimum health & stamina.

The correct path to ‘Dieting”

The easy access to the internet has enabled everyone to try out all kinds of popular diets across the globe, today, without taking into consideration its pros and cons. Like never before we need to be mindful of the correct approach of bringing shifts to our dietary routines. 

  • Many diets radically suggest to include or exclude a particular food group, entirely, like carbohydrates, fat, or grains; bypassing their benefits to the body. The fact that the new pattern is beneficial for a particular person or not can only be determined by a trained professional and not by a website.
  • One diet does not work for every person, as the body constitution of each individual is different. Taking radical measures and following a popular diet like everyone else may do more harm than good.
  •  It is here that the role of a professional comes into play. Only a professional can explain how to combine the diet program with various activities and, most importantly, whether it is beneficial for an individual to follow a particular diet in the first place.
  •  Not just food habits, sleep patterns, activities, and even proper posture are equally important because it is only when we address various facets jointly, under the care of a professional, can we think of removing this myth around dieting and achieve positive results.
  •  Instead of self-improvisation, one should take professional help, especially if one has failed to lose weight earlier and, thus, now has a negative opinion towards the word dieting itself.
  •  Today, like therapy, it is widespread to find people seeking professional help for the betterment of their bodies as they would, for their emotional issues. Even here, the utmost important thing is to segregate the quacks from professionals and to go for the most experienced ones so that the whole journey of attaining good health becomes a positive experience.
  • People, nowadays, after collecting data from various inputs, focus on either the diet and forget about the activity part altogether. When this leads to stagnant body weight, they wander about what is wrong in their diets.

Eating right is ‘Dieting.’ It is a famous mantra to live by. Therefore it should not be a temporary phase in one’s life. Bring about long term shifts in the direction of right eating

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