Is accomplishing your own healthy life-style, a realistic aspiration?

healthy diet

By :- Ms. Renu Puri & Ms. Vanshika Saigal

Numerous justifications cross our mind at the inception of shifting our diet to fresher and healthier patterns. The consideration of eliminating all that delicious food soaked in oil and cheese perturbs us; consequently, we tread back & forth gingerly. However, the brave hearts among us, start their journey towards health with a fortitude akin to the adrenaline rush of a New-year’s resolution.

At the onset, the enthusiasm is high and the long-term adhering seems possible. But, soon there come events that are not conducive to conforming to this newly formed resolution and we succumb to the challenges.

healthy diet

When & why is the healthy diet gets challenged?

  • Guests coming over: When the guests visit, one cannot serve them a salad tossed in olive oil or a dish of boiled vegetables. Moreover, a guest is treated as God. Therefore, one offers the delectable food items, laden with calories. Of course, you land up eating the same!
  • While traveling: Going outdoors? Means eating out too. Especially while traveling, there would be altogether eating out and most of the options available are not healthy.
  • Socializing: There are some social gatherings where you cannot avoid eating the not-so-healthy, since that’s the only type of fare being offered. Moreover, if the event is a birthday or a wedding, there’s would be bigger portion of cake and other desserts which we end up eating.
  • Changing Seasons: Every season comes with its own requests of comfort foods. The hot summer day demands chilled sweet beverages and cold winter nights often call for hot paranthas.
  • Pre-set family meals: If you are the only one, mindful of the sensible nourishment in the entire family, you might skip making that additional effort to make a separate meal, just for yourself.
  • Women’s sense of prioritizing: Women tend to place their family’s requirements before their own. They make food for everyone but would hesitate to invest time, to prepare their own exclusive dish/es. This spare time is used to schedule different undertakings of their kids or for the rest of the family members’ needs.

Tools to overcome the challenges

  • Batch preparation: Prepare the meal or a dish, in a large quantity and store it safely, in batches. This way the effort of preparing the same dish multiple times will converge into one and you can easily consume a healthy meal every time, by producing various combinations out of the stored individual servings.
  • Invest in helpful gadgets: There are numerous equipment and gadgets available to ease the grind of cooking a meal. Even a minor one like a Chopper can bring down, substantially, meal preparation time. This prudent investment can help one to effortlessly prepare the meal with reduced effort.
  • Bring in the familiar taste & aroma: Go for ‘Fusion’. Essentially, bring in the familiar aromas & tastes by using the exact same spices & condiments for your healthy choices – like temper mix vegetables dish with Pav Bhaji masala or give it the same treatment that you’d give to Kadahi Paneer, as far as the Garlic, Ginger, Whole Coriander, Chilies, Aamchur… & a massive list of spices go.
  • Carry along healthy snacks: Carrying snacks which are healthy like nuts, fruits, etc. when traveling can save a lot of money and will be a healthy substitute for your cravings throughout the journey.
  • Optimize the portion size: Start nipping your intake portions very very gradually. Even the slightest bit of reduction in quantities will go a long way, over a period of time. Drop from 3 Chapattis to 2 ¾ – don’t jump from 3 to 2 – your body will sense the reduction! Go slow! But go mindfully about the portion sizes.

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