How to lose weight this winter without Gym

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Winters usually make us feel lethargic; one does not feel the urge to move around much, more so, when it comes to hitting the gym.  However, not going to the gym should be no reason for not being able to lose weight, even significant amounts, during this hibernation period.

The trick is to not let the winter season pull us down, either tangibly or even perceptually. Even if one does not go to the gym, one needs to stay hands-on making sure to address the extra weight trigger/s.

How to lose weight in winters:

  • Taking support of a relatable App to know the level of one’s physical activity like: counting steps, is a great stimulus and will be a constant cue for us to stay mobile.
  • In winters, the days become shorter; thus even walking at an outdoor premise may become a challenge. Choose this period to proactively engage in forming virtual support group with likeminded people to find alternatives They can share their personal experiences and inspire others in similar predicament. The support group not only helps one to compare measures, it’s also contagious and inspires people to better themselves when they see other person’s success story.
  • There are a number of options like weight training, stationary cycling, on the spot jogging or even skipping, which can be done easily at home or in an indoor area, with equal health benefits as those of gymming.
  • The best thing is to get surrounded by likeminded people and make the best of social media and groups, for one’s unceasing enthusiasm.
  • There is no better time than winters to have soups. All the vegetables of the season make, in themselves, excellent base for soups like Carrot, Cauliflower, Pumpkin and Broccoli soup. These vegetables can even be sautéed and eaten with just a pinch of salt and pepper and/or with healthy home-made dips
  • If one needs to have a proper meal and cannot forsake it altogether then the best thing would be to have a good portion of a soup or salad before the main meal.
    This will help the body feel fuller faster and reduce the actual quantity of dinner that one would otherwise have.
  • In winters, Body produces lesser Vitamin D due to decreased skin exposure to the sun. Hence it is a great idea to take Vitamin D supplements during winters to bridge that gap. This can regulate the body weight.
  • One should be mindful about hydration during this period by eating seasonal fruits like oranges and having lemon water and other nutritious hydrating options the day.
  • Use discretion to decode the signals that the body gives out in winters and don’t misinterpret them. Not all the signals from the brain are food related, they maybe for water also; as the water intake is greatly reduced during this season. So it is prudent to judge the body’s demand signals accurately.
  • A fitting sleep cycle needs to be maintained; the body, when sleep-deprived, gains weight much faster, as one of the crisis management measures.
  • Do not center your socialization around foodstuff only. Instead of meeting a friend over lunch or dinner, one can invite at an entertaining venue or can go for a leisurely walk, a cup of tea/coffee or a salad/soup, following. Routine socializing is one of the easiest ways to pile up junk food onto our diet.

Do not be a victim of last minute meal decision demon.

Preempt hunger pangs & prepare nutritious snacks: It is common sense that no one will go on to make a healthy snack every time one wants tea or coffee breaks. So the trick is to preempt it and keep heathy snacks handy in advance.


  • Dry roasted spinach or kale or Makhana(Foxnuts), in a little oil is a great healthy snack. It can be easily prepared in a hot ovenm
  • Apart from this, roasted nuts, seeds like chia seeds, wheat seeds, amaranth can all be dry roasted and kept ready for quick snacking.
  • One can prepare a batch of soup and keep it in the refrigerator for quick reheating. This will help to fulfill those hunger pangs efficiently with healthy choices than with those typical indulgent fried snacks. So make it a habit to preempt and prestrike by making healthy snacks.
  • In winters, it is much easier to lose weight as the body itself craves balminess and nourishment. A steaming hot bowl of soup or some spicy steamed/grilled vegetables with quinoa can make a commending option.

The thumb rule here is to not drink your calories but have some solid food. So instead of carbonated drinks, tea or coffee, one can eat one roti along with some vegetables or dal. The body will derive at least some fiber from the meal rather than just empty calories.

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