Hormones & Our Health

hormonal challenges

By :- Ms. Renu Puri & Ms. Vanshika Saigal

Most of us do not even think about hormones after the class 10th board examination. Our knowledge regarding the functioning of hormones, starts dwindling at an exponential pace. They are there, doing their precious work, which we tend to overlook and thus, do not recognize their vital contribution to our body functions.


The fact is, even when we ignore them, they do not ignore us. Our body functions because of various hormones being produced and an imbalance in their levels can cause a lot of health issues.

Here’s a generic list of helpful approaches towards various hormonal challenges 

hormonal challenges
  • Be Alert: Being aware of your bodily dispositions can help you in cognizing & pinpointing any warning signal. This is the first thing one should practice and it is just like being aware of the snags on any kind of journey. Keep track of your genetic and hereditary issues. An annual check-up is a must for all. This, not only keeps a track of past issues but also tells if there is a new one generating. Sometimes people do not want to acknowledge their health problems because of several reasons. It is important to, not only be aware of the situation but also acknowledge it.


  • Adapt to the changing lifestyle: In this age when both men and women are literally doing similar jobs, there is a big shift in lifestyle and gender roles. But it is high time women sync their bodies with that of fast-changing lives as well. A woman’s body goes through certain physiological processes every month – as she has some different set of hormones working for her and therefore, needs a little more attention and care.


  • Mark that pattern: How often do you ignore that recurring stomach, dizzy feeling after a jog or a simple feeling of being tired after a full day of work? If your answer is, “often”, then it is high time you assess the state of your health. Keeping a track or journal of simple symptoms can help you avoid big health problems. Even if it happens once, take it as a tendency of your body. This will mark the helpful indicator, a red flag forever.


  • Factor in the advancing age: With age, our body changes and so does the hormones’ dexterity. E.g., when a woman reaches menopause, the hormones’ dynamics shift. At this age, being aware of the basics of the physique and it’s changing manifestations can be very beneficial. Age factors not only consists of growing people. Every day our body is changing; every year is different from the last one. There is a need to keep a constant check on the body.


  • Chalk out your diet plan: As we always talk about, diet is a crucial part of your health. Without a proper diet, no one can be healthy. It is true that following a diet plan can not only become boring but also is very difficult for many of us. So, it is important to consult a dietitian. More importantly, someone who not only gives you a diet plan but also consult you throughout the journey.

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