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Start losing weight, the natural way!

Improve your health, sleep and moods with better nutrition.
Build strong immunity in a matter of a few weeks, just buy eating right. Ask us how.

One Week Diet Package

₹ 630


Holi Special Diet Packages

One Week Diet Package

₹ 630

Holi Special 3 Months Plan

₹ 7565

Holi Special 6 Months Plan

₹ 11920

Holi Special 12 Months Plan

₹ 20250

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    4 Easy Steps To Get You Fit

    How it works and get you there.

    Understand you first

    • Your habits, routine & travel plan.
    • Your food preferences
    • Your goals

    Choose a plan

    • Best suited to achieve your goals
    • Personalised plan matching to your routine
    • Plan that has all you need

    Speak to counsellor

    • Share your daily achievements
    • Ask your doubts
    • 24/7 support
    • Connect via call, email, chat and video counselling.

    We care for you!

    • Follow-up in your journey to fitness
    • Periodic video sessions
    • See the change in you
    • Get more confident
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    Our expertise will get you there!

    No restrictions, expensive food supplements and no skipping homely taste. We understand the cravings when you see your favourite food, you just want to bite but can’t because of inflexible plans and at last you feel like to give-up, that happens often in most other diets.

    Taste from your kitchen is all that you need to stay on diet. With daily improvement in nutrition and timing you will break your previous habit circle.

    We want you to eat guilt-free and enjoy every taste!

    Success Stories

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    It all starts from the gut!

    Over 18+ problems and chronic diseases are corrected by nutrition. Food from Your kitchen is potent enough to get you in shape and help you to enjoy luxuries in life.

    Whether you are a traveling professional, reaching 40, pregnant or lactating mother. Nutrition is the only solution and we help you get fit.

    18+ yrs of experience with 3 improved and advance centres, 4000+ happy customers, serving around 10 countries and over 100 cities worldwide with 24/7 support.

    It is just a matter of eating proper food at the right time and understanding your lifestyle well.
    when you crave for a taste and make a hard choice to not eat your favourite food, we understand your feelings.
    So, we at Karisma Diet Centre offer you the comfort of your favourite taste and our expertise of right nutrition at the right time.
    That is why we are the first choice of 4k+ happy customers when it is about diet and nutrition.


    Expertise & experience

    • Experienced & qualified nutritionist at your service
    • Serving around 10 countries and over 100 cities worldwide
    • Recognized by multiple lifestyle and healthcare facilities
    • 18+ years of working experience with 3 improved and advance centres
    • A core team of 4 experienced dieticians
    • 4000+ happy customers trust us!
    Diet and Proper Lifestyle

    Diet and Proper Lifestyle

    • Non-restrictive personalised diet plan matching your lifestyle
    • Bigger goal is to improve your health, with guilt-free dieting
    • Focal point remains on nutrition and not on counting calories
    • No supplements or pills, the focus remain on healthy food from your kitchen
    • No expensive food, just homemade deliciousness
    Customized Programs

    Customized Programs

    • No false guarantee or promises, the focus remains on sustainability
    • A program that doesn’t feel like a diet plan
    • Hard to find any advertising gimmicks with us
    • Customized plan for the entire family
    • Maintenance plan included in the chosen package
    Proficient Care For The Clients

    Proficient Care partner

    • Helping you to create your own diet plan
    • Weekly sessions scheduled with feedback
    • Lifestyle and diet coaching for helping you out
    • Call, chat and email support during business hours
    • Proficient use of mobile app for asking doubt with experts, managing appointments and accessing diet plans