Good Health, The Journey

At any given time, we are just one meal away from gaining weight or losing weight (read gaining health).


Staying healthy, is not only an option, but also a decision. Once we take this decision most other choices that we make in our life, are affected by it.


This is so deep, that we can even land up choosing our friends accordingly.


What are, then, the obstacles in this journey? I’m going to start addressing the obstacles – one, at a time.

The biggest impediment in this journey is that we don’t know how to change our old patterns, even more so, our eating behavior. The way we envisage our meals or eat food is very deeply engrained in our being. Even if we go on vacation thousands of miles away from home – we start seeking familiar food!!!

There’s no harm in eating familiar food. But if we need to change the manifestations of the familiar food on our bodies, then at source level, some changes are required. But didn’t we just declare that changing a pattern is challenging!

The fact is that it’s not so much the decision to change, but the resolve required to adhere to the new pattern that collapses in most of the cases. And it’s not because the intent was half-hearted – rather, the astounding potency, that our old habits possess, is not easy for anyone to vanquish.

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