Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose?

It depends on your individual profile constituting your age, genetic makeup, any health issues you may have, your adherence to the program guidelines, family situations like functions & events concurring with the program, your travels etc. But weight starts coming towards the optimum, despite all the other in your profile.

How long does this program take?

It depends on various factors like – how much weight you want to lose, what are the health issues associated with your weight problem, your family environment, your life style, to what extent you are able to follow the diet plan, etc. Each case is different.

How much calories diet plan you prescribe?

This program is about anything, but calorie counting. We bring your focus to right kind of eating. The amount of intake is optimized through this wonderful program, without even your taking any big notice of it.

I have a sweet tooth. How will you be able to help me reduce weight?

There’s a reason why our body craves for sweets. We address all the issue leading to sugar cravings & handle them very professionally.

I travel a lot. Can I follow your diet plan?

While planning your meals, we take in account your travels. These travels may be domestic or international. We give you a wide variety of options, which you can easily find, at your destinations. We make sure that you can enjoy the different cuisines available to you.

Will I reduce some weight even if I follow 70% of the program?

We recognize the fact that mostly the client is not able to follow this program 100%, owing to various personal or environmental concerns. If you follow this diet program partially, even then you will reduce your weight. Though the pace of your weight reduction will vary accordingly.

How much is a Gift Voucher worth for?

You can buy one or more Gift Vouchers, for any length of time-period, from One Month to One Year or even more.

One can also split one voucher into multi-vouchers

Why? : Longer period program will have the price advantage. This can also be achieved by one or more beneficiaries buying the Gift Voucher for a long program together.

How?: The purchase has to be combined in one – there would be a single payment made for the entire period of program

Thereafter the program can be split into multi vouchers of least 2 months’ period

Example : Pay for 8 Months program

It can be split into four 2 months’ each vouchers.

Can the Voucher period be changed at the time of usage?

No, the time period is determined at the time of purchase.It can’t be changed later on

How much weight can I expect to lose in one month?

We never encourage measuring the success of each month by the count of numbers, as one month’s results may be vastly different from the other month’s – owing to various reasons, one of them can be the stage of your program. But what we ensure is that your weight keeps moving in the right direction, whatever is the pace.

What type of diet do you give?

Basically, our diet is very close to your regular home food. Almost all fruits, vegetables, grains, Pulses, eggs, fish etc – the foods constituting our regular meals, are allowed. We give benefitting food combinations, according to each client. The program is very individualized.

I can’t starve myself. Will I be able to follow this program?

Appetite comes to its near ideal point, without you having to suppress the hunger pangs.

Do we have to eliminate some foods permanently from meals?

Unless a food is harmful in general, or to you in particular – as in the case of food allergies, we don’t encourage elimination of any food forever.

For how long will a Gift Voucher be valid?

The Gift Voucher, once bought, never expires. You can start using it any time- it’s validity, thereafter, is for the duration of the length of the program, for which the Voucher has been bought.

Can the Voucher be transferred to another person?

Yes, the Voucher can be transferred to any one & it remains valid for usage one time.

Is it necessary to meet the dietitian?

We would love to meet you in person but its not mandatory. You can connect with us through any of the channels, email, WhatsApp etc to get a personalised plan