Do Vegetarians Get Adequate Protein Through Their Diet

Proteins are the primary building blocks of our body and are being used constantly to repair and create cells of the body. If the body is not able to get enough protein from the diet of an individual, it starts to deplete the protein present in our bones and blood to fulfill our daily requirements. This can lead to our system getting weaker.

Chains of Amino Acids arranged in rows of predetermined sequence constitute a protein. Each protein is made up of a combination of amino acids which are like its building blocks. Just like various letters combine, together, to form a meaningful word, the amino acids, too, combine together to form specific proteins. Some of these amino acids are essential for our body.

Non vegetarians on the whole, have an edge, in terms of getting essential amino acids through their diet, as the animal based protein are more prevalent in essential amino acids. However non-vegetarians, if over-eating, do run the risk of consuming excess protein leading to various disadvantages, one being challenge-to-the-kidneys.
Having said it, if vegetarians successfully combine various types of proteins in their diets, they too can have a protein-sufficient-diet, comprising all the essential amino acids.

Some ideas that need to be considered to get optimum amount of protein from vegetarian diet are:

Protein is omnipresent i.e. it’s there in plants’ sources, even in vegetables. It is the amount & kind of protein in the food that keeps changing, for e.g. vegetables have only trace amounts of proteins.

Some vegetarian foods like legumes and milk have dense amounts of proteins in them and should be consumed in greater quantities throughout the day.

Some vegetarians eat eggs which are an excellent source of protein

For vegans, legumes, soya products, whole grains and pulses provide excellent amounts of protein to the body.

If we combine various proteins through different vegratrian food sources throughout the day, the body’s protein requirement for the entire day, can be met with easily.

Most importantly, one should not just focus on protein intake of the body but strive to eat a balanced and nutritious diet.

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