Indian Diet plan for type 2 diabetes

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In times of tough competition in every walk of life, people have started allocating more time to their work by reducing time spent on health. Thus, diabetes has become very common in today’s time. There are many types of diabetes amongst them is type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in our country. Earlier people belonging to the middle-aged group were more prone to diabetes, but today diabetes has flexed its arms and has spread over all age groups. Being overweight or having a family history is one of the most common causes of this disease.

Insulin is present at the pancreas and it helps the glucose to convert into energy. With type 2 diabetes the body doesn’t produce enough insulin and is unable to use insulin efficiently. Instead of converting sugar into energy, it contacts with the bloodstream. An overweight or obese person increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Thus, it becomes hard to control the blood sugar level.

There are a lot of causes, which leads to type 2 diabetes, some of the causes which can lead to type 2 diabetes are stress, lack of Physical exercise; not having a proper diet. There are many factors related to type 2 diabetes but usually, it starts with insulin resistance. People with obesity, no physical activity, high intake of sugar, lack of sleep, etc. are prone to these diseases.

1. Thirst – one of the most come symptoms. One feels thirsty frequently 2. One complains that is usually seen in diabetic patient is the frequency of urination. 3. Feeling irritated and tired all the time.
4. Sudden weight loss, which cannot be explained.
5. Skin infection, skin darkening, increase in skin infections, wounds Which takes a lot of time in healing.
6. Blurry vision.

There is no such treatment that can cure type 2 diabetes completely but a lifestyle a healthy life and eating habit can bring a small change, waking up early, early morning yoga, working out, eating right, getting proper sleep, meditating, taking out time for yourself, going to bed early, etc., are a few changes that will bring positivity and happiness in one’s life. Eating right, changing your lifestyle, and moving around more can bring positive effects on your health. Always follow a balanced diet.


Meal Menu 
Early morning Fenugreek water 
 Overnight soaked almonds (4-7)
Breakfast 1 cup oats 
 2 white eggs
 Green tea
Lunch Wheat chapattis 
 Vegetable curry
 Steamed /baked fish
 Raita /curd /buttermilk
Evening snacks Black coffee 
 Roasted makhana
Dinner Chicken curry 
 Boiled vegetables
Post dinner 1 glass warm milk with a pinch of turmeric/ Cinnamon

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