Detox your body after Diwali

There is a long-range of festivals happening in India nowadays, which is like the peak period of the whole year, so even if initially we had the resolve to stay on our healthy eating patterns, Diwali time really pushes us to deviate from it and just let go of ourselves.
All said and done; it is true that sweets and other indulgences on offer during this “peak indulgence week” are tough to resist. It is so much in the environment itself that although through sheer will power, one can reduce the intake but cannot avoid it.

We have to keep in mind that during this time, our bodies are saturated with toxins due to our indulgences so we need to increase the effort to keep the body healthy. We need to address these toxins and find healthy options, depending upon our body constitution and requirements. Some of them are:

  • Water concoctions

Lemon water, especially if taken with lukewarm water, the lemon water combination is an excellent detoxifier on its own.

Apart from that, soaking methi or dhaniya seeds overnight in water and drinking that water on an empty stomach in the morning are also excellent ways to detoxify the body.

  • Herbs:

The herbs serve a dual purpose by providing both nutrition and flavoring to any dish. In this, turmeric is on top of the list, which, especially in its raw form, can be used in soup preparation, in vegetables, or even with a glass of milk.

It can be powdered and added to all kinds of things and is known to take care of all types of cold and cough problems by its usage.

  • Smoothies:

Made up of remarkably nutritive ingredients like yogurt, dry fruits, chia, or sunflower seeds, these can be the replacement for any packaged drinks. If prepared correctly, they can even replace the main meal of our diet.

  • Snacks:

Healthy snacks like roasted dry fruits, fox nuts, puffed rice, or even amaranth should be the go-to items to satiate those middle of the meals hunger pangs. These can be taken as the 3-4 o’clock snack time munchies or any time during the day.

Unique ways to help our bodies detox faster

  • Due to all kinds of temptations, our appetite by itself increases during this season, so the first thing to do is to bring it back to our pre-festive levels consciously.
  • One should mindfully increase their protein intake by adding things like milk, paneer, fish, or chicken to their diet. Even one glass of low-fat milk will help the body to detox faster.
  • One main meal of the day should be of just soup and nothing else. One can add a protein like chicken, paneer, tofu, gram to it for extra flavor.
  • Although, it should be tried to prepare these proteins as judiciously as possible by either steaming or roasting them in little oil. One should not eat roti or rice along with this meal so as to control their portion and calorie intake.
  • In fact, the roti should always be of bran to increase the protein intake further but should not be paired with another protein.
  • Both excessive sugar and salt should be avoided at all costs. Sugar should be replaced with chopped fruits like apples or even dates. They can be added to cereals in either chopped or pureed form to have a healthy breakfast.
  • This is a good time to fast once during the day, which could very quickly comprise of giving up one thing like salt or sugar for that entire day.
  • Packaged and canned foods, readymade beverages along with deep-frying are another big no-no.

So the need of the hour is to try and as soon as possible “go back” to our pre-festive health regime. Especially with the winters coming, it is vital to make our “Prana Shakti” vibrant and not sluggish.

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