Converting Fat in to Muscle??

Converting Fat in to Muscle?? Is it Possible!?

Have you ever heard that you can convert fat into muscle?
Many advertisements, gyms, exercise programs claim that!
But can you convert fat into muscle??
Let’s find it out!
Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue, and one cannot be converted directly into the other.

Just how, you cannot turn an orange into an apple!

Muscles & fats are two different things. Muscles are the active tissues that burn calories even when you are asleep. While fats,its just the excess energy stored in your body by consuming more calories than you need.

If your goal is to gain muscles, then lifting weights in the gym will help! So, gaining muscle mass completely depends on the diet and the exercise that you do. And this is completely different from the diet you need to follow if you have to lose fat. Both things cannot happen simultaneously. If you have to lose fat, a balanced diet is key! Avoiding high-calorie foods, not inclining towards a particular group of food and not starving. Instead, following the right diet plan and an exercise regime will keep you healthy. Just remember, both things cannot be done together, losing fat and gaining muscles are just two different concepts/processes.

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