Tips of the day

Weight Loss Journey tip

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On the journey of ‘Weight Loss’, the worst track a person can ensue, is to compare oneself with others.

Lose weight this winter

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There are a number of things like yoga, on spot jogging or even skipping, which can be done easily at home or in a group with equal health benefits as those of gymming.

Tips to stay away from sweets

We need to address our immediate environment and segregate the items like chocolate, cookies, etc. that can be stored for longer periods.

Tip to Eat Healthy this Diwali!

If you want to have sweets, then eat them before the meal, rather than after it. This will help the body to assimilate it more efficiently than if it was eaten after a heavy meal.

Healthy Navratri Snack

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The use of amaranth seeds can be in both the sweet and the savory items – it is very beneficial for health.

Preventive tips for rainy season

It is extremely important that the packets of chips and other snacks are never opened or torn by mouth. The packets kept in the shop may have rat feces or saliva on them and thus are carriers of infection and harmful microbes.

Did you know??

Dark chocolates are a great source of natural antioxidants. . Dark chocolates are a great source of natural antioxidants, they can be judiciously included in our diet, as a treat for the taste buds, as well as the immunity boosters.