Be Your Own, The First & The Perpetual Valentine


By :- Ms. Renu Puri & Ms. Vanshika Saigal

With valentine’s day just round the corner, people are all getting geared up to make the day special for their chosen loved ones.

They have started making plans, are saving money for the gifts and have been trying their utmost to make it unforgettable.

Every year, around the month of February, we see how the colour red starts gaining more and more importance, with everything red being sold. The basic idea behind celebrating valentine’s day is to celebrate love.

Who is your Valentine!

So now would be just about the right time to ask, “Who’s is your Valentine?” or rather I should be asking it the other way – “who is your longest possible Valentine?”


Here’s your cue – Who is that one person who has been with us, from the time, we took our very first breath, and will be with us, till our last one?
Who is that one being, whom we should love the most?
That person is none other than you, yourself!!!

We spend so much efforts trying to make others happy. Often we tend to love the other person even more than we love ourselves. In today’s day and age, it is very important to realize that the one person who is perpetual in our lives is we ourselves. It is important not to neglect loving oneself.


How can that ‘Self-Love’ show up?

We all have heard of this famous proverb- “Health is wealth”. It goes without saying that if we are not healthy then we can’t do anything.

The most important ingredient for a long and active life is health. It is very important for us to start taking good care of ourselves. Being a nutritionist, I have seen a lot of mothers taking good care of their families by overburdening themselves & thus neglecting their own health.

It is important to spent some quality time with oneself. We all should try and take at least one hour for ourselves in which we can either meditate, do yoga, and/or swim (basically do any form of health improving practice).

In our fast moving lives, it is essential to take proper rest. After a hard day’s work, our body needs proper sleep. Sleeping for 8 hours should be a self-commitment.

If I have to choose the most precious gift for myself, I will always choose good health to begin with. You know, when you are yourself healthy, you are also implicitly doing a favor to your ‘Valentine’ & also to the other people around you. There is nothing of more significance, that we can present to the people around us, than our healthiest self. And if we are fit, then we will, automatically, start spreading the healthy vibes around us. If we stay healthy then we will be able to take better care of others as well. Taking good care of your health, will, thus, be rewarding for people around you.

Self love is very important not only for our self esteem but also for the smooth working of our relationship with others. This year make your own self, your very first Valentine.

So this valentine’s day, being our healthiest self should also be our priority. Our goal should not, only, be to make our valentine happy but also to keep ourselves happy by prioritizing our health. This valentine’s day don’t forget to love yourself.

Let’s celebrate this valentine’s day in a unique way. Let’s celebrate self love, first, this time. Let’s begin with self love.

Spread love around yourself – but begin with your own self. In your circle of love, include not only your boy/girl-friend, but also your parents, your children, your friends.

Stay healthy, stay happy.

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