How To Avoid Gaining Weight During LOCKDOWN?

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Due to this unwanted and unwelcoming COVID atmosphere, people are literally locked inside their houses, like birds in cages. With no physical activity whatsoever, they are gaining a whopping among of weight by leading that stagnant life. This appears to be quite true for those active working individuals, who had to move out of their houses daily just to earn their daily bread. This lockdown is increasing body weight like nothing else. People are stuck at home and are always looking for food, to munch on. They are gaining weight unknowingly.

This is the perfect time to actually gather all kinds of healthy options to avoid gaining weight in lockdown.

Want to know how?

Let’s focus on some points for a better understanding.

Eating not just healthy, but wisely and timely too:
It is true that as you are home-bound these days, you are more attracted to snacks and foods. But, there exists a latent advantage to this point. As you don’t get easy access to eating out all the time, you are restricted to home-bound food, which is low in calorie, healthier, and also with lower trans-fat. But all these benefits will permeate your diet, if you plan to prepare your eating conducive for them.
• For gaining that extra advantage, you can focus more on lower calorie snacks. Some food items like salad and sprouts can often be a good substitute to usual fried items.
• Remember that your fuel food needs to be lesser in amount if you are trying to burn off the calories during the lockdown. The use of carbohydrates through rotis, bread and even potatoes, need to be curbed down, as much as you can.
• On the other hand, as the body will not need much energy while sleeping, carbs need to be avoided to the fullest, when the dinner time arrives.
• Moreover, you can increase the intake of some low or non-carb diet plans, which will include cooked up green veggies, pulses and even some sweet delicious fruits.

Pre-planning your meals can help you out a lot:
Preparing and planning for the meals of your entire day beforehand can work out like a charm, which you may not have realized as yet. It can prevent any form of unhealthy eating in the end, as you have already chalked out the meals.
• You might make plans to eat some healthy food items. However, when hunger strikes, you will end up having any thing that seems closer to your reach; mostly an indulgent one.
• Sometimes, when you are too hungry, maybe due to long gaps in between meals, you might even intake huge amount of food, even without realizing it at that point.
• But, if you have chalked out the wise and healthy diet plans beforehand and have pre-fixed time for each main and mini meal, then you will, not just munch into healthy options, but will also intake food in moderate amount.

Your bedroom should be your bedroom and not your dining space:
Just because you are working from home that does not mean you can bring your food into your bedroom while lying on your bed and working on a laptop. If you make a habit to bring in food into your bedroom, you can never control your unnecessary hunger pangs. So, always make it a point to leave your bedroom or working station to grab a bite. That way, if you are too lazy to move, you won’t have to binge on unnecessary food items all the time. It is a great way to curb down those mid-day snacks, which will add more pounds to your body.

The liquid is the key at this stage:
The weather is changing to cooler temperatures and the pollution levels have been on the rise. So, staying hydrated is not just good for your health, but will also keep corona at bay. So, to keep yourself hydrated, make sure to drink at least two to 3 litres of fluids every day. The ‘fluids’ does not mean cold drinks or sweetened beverages; substitute those with plain and simple water or, fruit and vegetable juices, for a healthier alternative.

Healthy smoothies are great to cool yourself down and, to also add some nourishing food in your system. So, if you are feeling that mild to medium hunger, then instead of chomping on chips, you can always add smoothies to your diet. An optimum combination of almond milk, some seeds and fruits can be a good choice for that. If it is too hot outside, lemonade is a delightful option then.

Slow eating can help you quite a bit:
You never know the importance that slow eating has on you, unless you have yourself tried it. With more time in hand nowadays, there won’t be any rushed mornings or quick breaks in between work. Now is the perfect time to enjoy and eat your food peacefully. So, take your own sweet time while chewing down those delicacies. If you chew your food properly and slowly, then the chances are high that you will end up eating less! It might seem magical, but it’s true to the last bit.

Exercise must be your best friend at this point:
Yes, it is true that avoiding the gym at this point is a good option to be safe. But, thanks to some free-hand exercises, you don’t have to stop exercising at all. Yoga and all the home-bound exercising routines can help you keep up that good body that you have dreamt of. Your exercise must include everything, right from muscle building or toning to cardio-respiratory exercises, and even a good amount of stretching.

Taking around 45 minutes to 1 hour out of your busy schedule daily is good for exercising. So, if you can continue with that, it is hard to gain any extra weight for sure.

Always prepare yourself for the best and healthy routine:
If you can prepare yourself for the best and healthy routine, then there’s no way you are going to gain a whopping amount of weight. Don’t forget to monitor yourself from time to time. It will help you to keep a good track of your weight. And also remember that you need to be mentally strong to avoid binge eating for sure!

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