Are you embarrassed to own your healthy choices ?

weight loss

By :- Ms. Renu Puri & Ms. Vanshika Saigal

Tell your peers you started dieting or being health conscious and you will be frowned upon. They might not remember the conversation they had with you, but they will remember the tantrums you threw when offered a samosa.


Food and Culture:


The food is a crucial part of any culture and in the world with no time to spare, the food-on-the-go has become a part of the culture too. And going against the culture has never been an easy path. So, the next time you share your diet plans there will be a lot of eyes rolling around you. You might even come out as a snob. This will result in you picking up that cheese burst pizza instead of a healthy bowl of salad.


Growth of healthy eating habits:


There is no doubt that the healthy eating habits are taking over the world, but the shift is as slow as the creation of the human body from mere amino acids. The point here is that the embarrassment is not something one can take in painlessly and the mocking is not stopping anytime soon. So, the next time you think your friends will mock you.

weight loss


Stop. And re-think.

  • Will they walk you through when in later years the overweight body gives you arthritis?
  • Or will they leave eating sweets in front of you when diabetes has taken over?

Anyone can guess that the answer is clear cut ‘NO’.


Who is the culprit?


The main problem is, everyone is too critical of oneself when it comes to what others think of them and it results in giving up on what is right. Dieting is not something to look down at and definitely does not mean that you cannot eat. It means that you eat what your body needs the most. Remember, what you say makes your personality and what you eat makes your body. However, with an unhealthy body there is no personality.


Misconception behind dieting:


Diet is important and should not be confused with weight loss only. There is a solution to everything, even your constant hunger cravings. There is nothing wrong in eating after regular small intervals but ensure that you eat right. Do not compare your body to anyone else’s because just like the fingerprints, all bodies are different. The perfect solution to this is to consult a dietitian and know what suits you the best.


People will always have opinions but you must learn to stand on your own. Poor eating habits make your body the home for zillions of diseases. The older you get the body becomes more vulnerable so the right time to start being conscious of your choices is right now.

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