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Ms. Renu Puri

Karisma Diet Centre, was launched almost two decades earlier with the intent of spreading awareness about nutrition and its remarkable effects on us. Karisma Diet Centre’s mission is to promote and encourage the concept of a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

To achieve this mission, Senior Nutritionist and founder, Ms. Renu Puri leads a very small team of dedicated dietitians who have been personally trained by her. After dealing with thousands of clients over the nearly twenty years, Karisma Diet Centre has developed as a paragon in understanding the psychology behind guiding individuals and families through their journey to good and long lasting health.

Karisma Diet Centre’s clientele from around ten countries and over 100 cities around the world, comprises of persons from varying backgrounds, lifestyles, locations, eating habits & family environments. We, not only, address their health concerns but also the personal issues which create struggles in their lifestyles. Each client is provided carefully customised counsel suiting their own individual needs and requirements. Moreover, Karisma Diet Centre promises around-the-clock availability of their counsellors, providing much needed support to the clients during times of doubt and weakness.

We are also well aware that people today socialise like never before and therefore eating the right food becomes even more difficult. In such a situation, Karisma Diet Centre is well equipped to handle calls seeking clarifications about the right choices to be made, at any time of the day.... So while some of us can continue with our kitties and/or work related meals, others can be dining out for work or pleasure–Just leave the rest to us and we will take care of your overall heath!

We take special pride in guiding our clients through their travels–whether these travels are for work or pleasure. Our familiarity with various types of national & international cuisines, helps our clients in enjoying a wide variety of options available, while traveling, at the same time staying on the course of their journey to good health and happiness. Additionally, at Karisma Diet Centre, regular workshops for specialized awareness are held amongst our tightly knit team of Dieticians so as to keep up the ethical & honest spirit of our work, constantly, as a top priority!

We welcome you to join our family and learn the Karisma-Way-Of-Life to rediscover good heath for your loved ones and yourself.

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Renu Puri

Renu Puri, M.Sc., Foods & Nutrition, decades ago started in software training industry. Her one-on-one training to clientele from the top brass of some of the big private and public sector companies for User-End Software and personnel of IT Department of some companies, particularly for Local Area Network trainings, provided her a great learning exposure. Even while doing so, she always maintained a healthy lifestyle for her family and herself. 

Over the years, her acquaintances would often seek her advice and suggestions about the best ways to be healthy, especially considering the lack of time owing to busy schedules. She finally understood that there are many more people who must be equipped with the correct tools to take charge of their health. But those people did not have access to the correct persons. She understood that it was her duty to impart this knowledge to empower every family that wanted a long and healthy life.

That was the story of how Karisma Diet Centre was born around two decades ago. Since then, the more she interacted with clients seeking diet counselling, the more it became clear that there was a difference in conveying just what to eat, in the form of ‘Diet Chart’ and the personal counseling that enables them to understand why certain foods should be eaten and which foods were not optimum. Having served thousands of clients, she has become an expert in studying the patterns of human habits around nutrition. She says that patterns are way more deeply engrained than what we are aware of. Therefore, when someone decides to lose some extra weight or, for that matter, to address one or more health issue – the counseling has to go deeper than just telling the person what to eat.

 Nowadays, many clients are somewhat aware of the correct things to eat and to avoid, but she has observed that a constant hand- holding of the client until they can guide themselves with responsibility, has proved to be very rewarding for the clients. Even after a few weeks or months, once the new pattern has been established, it’s firming up cannot be taken for granted. That’s where Renu Puri and her personally trained team of diet counselor come into the picture. Among other things, Renu Puri has been very passionate about maintaining the quality of the counseling that her clients deserve; hence the decision to not open many branches or franchisees around every nook & corner.

 Karisma Diet Center has  humbly helped thousands of people- some with serious health issues, on the journey of wellness. This has been the most satisfying part of her professional life and she wishes to create deep understanding of the role of heath in one’s life.

Renu Puri urges you to be a part of the mission for a happy and healthy tomorrow, with her!


Ruchi Mahajan

Ruchi Mahajan is a Certified Dietitian. She was the topper of her batch with 96%. She is in this profession for over a decade.

Presently, she is handling two centres, one in Noida and the other in East Delhi. 

She has a vast experience in handling clients with different and complex health issues including Kidney Dialysis, Cholestrol, Diabetes, Stone formation, Growth of the Child, Menopause, PCOD, Cancer, Weight Growth and many more.

She has dealt with various clients from the field of Medical , Defence, Television Anchors, Sports Personalities, professionals including Lawyers, CAs, Marketing teams etc., all over the world. 

She is invited regularly to many prestigious events and seminars as a Guest Speaker like at Reliance Industries, Rotary Club etc.

She has also been a member in BNI.

She believes that for every dietician the top most priority must be to provide her/his client with the best health possible with monitored reduction from to daily meals.

She believes that one should eat everything by staying healthy.

She is very dedicated and enshrined towards her work.

Acting as a small part in improving her Client’s Health  gives her the highest level of satisfaction.


Harvinder Chauhan

Harvinder Chauhan is a Certified Dietitian and Wellness Coach based in Delhi-NCR. She has done her training in ‘Nutrition and Health Education’ and has been associated with Karisma Diet Centre for over 14 years.

Harvinder’s expertise lies in understanding medical condition of each client and then planning specific diets. She has great experience in handling clients with health conditions that can be easily recuperated through dietary changes including ante and postnatal care, obesity and diabetes. Additionally, over the decade, she has successfully worked with many clients with chronic and lifestyles diseases like BP, cholesterol, heart disease, sleep apnea, oncology issues, kidney disease, PCOD and Malnutrition.

Harvinder strongly believes in “relevant personalised diet” according to your lifestyle, travel plans, dietary restrictions, occupational constraints, fitness, stress levels and also taste!


Divya Saigal

Divya Saigal is the diet counsellor at Ludhiana Karisma Diet Centre. She has been associated with Karisma diet centre for over 5 years.

She has been providing nutritious yet easy-to-follow diets to her clients, straight out of their kitchen. There are loads of clients who have achieved healthy, long lasting weight loss with the help of her customised weight loss program.

Furthermore due to her easy accessibility with regard to query solving and motivation she has clients from all across the globe.

She inspires her clients to adapt healthy lifestyle


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