Preventive tips for rainy season

Rainy season brings with it challenge of multiple breeds of harmful elements. Although, these microbes are ever-present in the air, water and soil, they become a potent force in this season owing to an environment, conducive to their propogation.

Problems like cold, cough, fever are the common ones but serious diseases like dengue, typhoid, and malaria are all prevalent during this time.

So care should be taken to not only boost immunity from the inside of the body but also to protect it from outside vectors. For this the most important aspect is to maintain total sanitation of the body during this period.

  • By continually washing hands, one can at least prevent the transfer of bacteria from external objects, to infect the intestinal tract.
  • Wet and outer clothes should be shed off as soon as possible, after returning home, so as to avoid disease causing microbes to spread around.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the body is getting enough amount of antioxidants through a balanced diet.
  • Street food should be completely avoided during this season. In fact, uncooked or raw food like salads should also be removed from diet.
  • The chutneys and Pani of the Pani Puri should be given a miss and other foods that are not totally cooked or not heated to a certain temperature are a total no-no too.
  • The intake of carbonated drinks like Colas, Tea and coffee should be reduced as they kill the natural urge of the body to drink water, increasing the scope of dehydration.
  • Water intake should be at the same level as that of summers, if not more, so that the body is able to maintain optimum water levels lost, due to sweat.
  • Because the weather is cooler than in summers, one does not feel the “urge” to drink water but the body requires constant hydration.
  • To save oneself from mosquito related diseases, one should maintain dryness all around. Use of herbal mosquito repellents is a safe way to keep the mosquitos at bay.
  • Another important aspect that is often ignored is that one should not keep touching one’s face constantly, especially the eyes. This may lead to eye infections that are transmitted from the hand to the eye on contact.

The need of the rainy season is that one should be proactive in maintaining hygiene and avoiding the disease.

One of the easiest ways to increase immunity is by increasing the intake of Vitamin C during this period. This is a natural immunity booster which helps the body to win its battle against all kinds of infections. It can be found abundantly in citrus foods like lemons, limes and oranges.

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